Vision Radio Stations AustraliaLife throws many challenges at us each and every day. Whether the difficulties and obstacles involves finances, relationships, health or other issues, there is not a person or a family that is not impacted in some way by the ups and downs of life.

In order for us to live strong lives, knowing who we and that we can get through any challenge that comes our way we each need to have a support system. This support and encouragement can often come from family and friends, which is great. But there may be times when we need direction or an encouraging word or just to listen to an uplifting program and this is where the Vision radio network comes in.

Many thousands of lives throughout Australia are touched on a daily basis through the many stations that are spread around this amazing country of ours! Currently there are AM and FM stations in every State and Territory of Australia.

Here is a list of the vision stations that have recently come ‘On Air’.

New Vision Radio Stations

Town State Frequency
Beulah Vic 88.0 FM
Capalaba Qld 87.6 FM
Cooktown Qld 88.0 FM
Dimboola Vic 87.6 FM
Lyndoch SA 87.6 FM
Penong SA 88.0 FM
South Perth WA 88.0 FM
Willunga SA 87.8 FM
Wongaling Beach Qld 87.8 FM
Woodend Vic 87.6 FM

As well as these new radio stations there are also towns that are currently waiting for a Vision station to be launched. These are some of the towns around Australia that are so close to having a Vision station opened, but still need to finalize some of the steps.

‘Coming Soon’ Vision Radio Stations

Town State Frequency
Bicheno Tas 88.0 FM
Bundaberg Qld 1656 AM
Cummins SA 87.6 FM
Elliston SA 88.0 FM
Kalumburu WA 88.0 FM
Melbourne East Vic 1665 AM
Red Cliffs Vic 87.6 FM
Ungarra SA 88.0 FM


If you have any contacts in these towns or regions then perhaps you may be able to assist with the final steps that need to be fulfilled in order for the Vision station to be opened. Often a building in a certain location is needed to set up the necessary equipment for the people of the area to hear the encouraging words and music that Vision transmits each day.

For more information on the new stations and how you can help, you can go to the UCB (United Christian Broadcasters) website.

As more and more of these cities, towns and rural areas receive the uplifting messages that are broadcast on Vision then lives and families throughout Australia will be touched and strengthened. In this way individuals and families are able to better face the obstacles that may arise and even be an encouragement to those around them.

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